Parker Sonnet 10 Hallmarking

June 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Parker have recently launched the Sonnet 10 series, part of a family of pens featuring a grid style pattern which covers a range of models across the price spectrum.  In our opinion, this is a strong design which differentiates the new Parker models from its competitors.   The new Parker Sonnet 10 Sterling Silver model is a lovely pen having great presence without being excessively large.  It is available in fountain pen, standard ballpoint and slimline ballpoint.
Parker's Sonnet 10 Sterling Silver hallmarks

Parker's Sonnet 10 Sterling Silver hallmarks

  However, the hallmarking is extremely small and, coupled with the unpolished silver surface, may look a little like manufacturing faults. The marks are embossed just above the chrome band and in close-up look like the picture attached.  The 925 signifies 92.5% purity with the remaining 7.5% probably comprising of copper. The second mark is the makers’ mark.

If you are planning a marriage, we think the Parker Sonnet 10 would make a wonderful memento of such a special occasion.

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