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July 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have a Lamy Studio fountain pen that lives on my desk. It’s an everyday pen with numerous dings in the barrel where it has been generally abused and, while I enjoy writing with its 1.5mm calligraphy nib, it is also used to demonstrate Lamy’s nib changing capability. It’s fitted with a convertor so it

Lamy reliability

Lamy Studio everyday gash pen

can be used to test different inks and is currently enjoying an outing with Diamine Damson (which has proved to be a bit variable between a delicious damson colour and black). The pen’s looks belie what a smooth writing experience it offers.

The beauty of the fountain pen is that it is used for drafting copy before typing. It encourages more planning of what to write and gives more thinking time. If the communication is (brief!) to a customer then I think, coming from a fountain pen retailer, it should be written in ink.

If you would like to try my rewarding gash pen to see what your pen is unlikely to become, just drop in if you’re passing through Cranleigh!   Why not give your favourite pen an outing to show us?

Bob Melvin

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