Why use Lamy fountain pens in School?

August 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

With thoughts due to turn to the ‘Back to School’ commercial feeding frenzy shortly, just thought we might remind mums and dads of the value of the Lamy Safari fountain pen.

1. Kids love them because of the colours and because they are pretty bullet proof.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Popular for school

Technically, they are made out of ABS plastic which is the same stuff they make Lego bricks from and if you’ve trodden on one of those in bare feet you’ll know how unforgiving ABS is!
2. The cartridges are available in 7 colours. So when the little rebels want to write their homework in green, Lamy can help.
3. If 7 colours are not cool enough, convertors are pretty cheap at £2.95 and we can offer over 70 different colours at PenFountain.com.
4. Avoiding the tearful ‘I’ve dropped my pen in chemistry and the nib’s bent’ scene, Lamy nibs are available in a wide range of widths from extra fine to a 1.9mm flat calligraphy style (and left-handed) for just £4.00 and changing them couldn’t be simpler. We’ve produced a video showing you the tricks of the trade!
5. We’ve got Safaris on Special Offer for the Back to School period.


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