Lamy Dialog 3 Capless fountain pen

August 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Following a mix-up with Lamy we have just taken delivery of our first Dialog 3 retractable fountain pens. Much anticipation preceded its removal from the stock order.  Removal from its shipping box revealed a matt polished, dark wood clam shell case of similar design to the earlier Dialog models from Lamy which, on opening,  the contrast between the dark wood and the palladium plating of the simple cigar tube-shaped pen was striking.  The Dialog 3 is quite weighty at 37 grams and its 13.5mm diameter makes it, altogether, quite imposing. 

Lamy Dialog 3 rertractable fountain pen

Lamy Dialog 3 retractable fountain pen

Opening the pen is a simple but smooth half-twist which reveals a full-sized nib with Lamy’s proven 14 carat gold inlay style found on other models including the Accent 98 and Studio 68 models.  The twist action also retracts the clip to minimise intrusion into the grip section of the barrel.  The Dialog 3 is supplied with both cartridge and converter filling, although there is no storage facility to accommodate the alternative filling system in the case.  

 Judging from correspondence on the Fountain Pen Network, opinions about the design of the Dialog 3 have polarised between awful and bland to inspired.  However, it should be born in mind that the Dialog 3, unlike the Pilot Vanishing Point,  is a full-sized fountain pen taking standard cartridges or full-sized converter which may be of benefit to the more prolific writer.  It is also available in alternative specifications from extra fine to broad oblique.  

Personally, although the Dialog 3 is somewhat inelegant, I appreciate the design because of its simplicity and functionality.  New design should be controversial and challenging.  The more extreme, the more likely it is to polarise opinion.  Ultimately, the question is whether it is functional.  It certainly appears to offer the quality of writing experience expected of a pen of this value while the balance is slightly biased towards the nib. 

Ultimately, since there do not appear to be any question marks over the Lamy’s writing performance, the choice  really comes down to the Dialog 3’s dimensions and aesthetics. At we have the Dialog 3 available from stock in Cranleigh, Surrey


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