Born to be wild – with a ballpoint pen

August 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

Harley Davidson is the motorcycle of choice for some bikers, many hells’ angels and one ‘Arnie’ in The Terminator.  But what pen should they use?  Well, a Harley Davidson of course.  Produced by US manufacturer Retro 51 under license from the HD factory in Milwaukee, the Harley Davidson ballpoint is a quality writing implement with a smooth twist action, brass barrel and a lacquered design drawn directly from Harley Davidsons’ product range. 

Harley Davidson Stroker ballpoint pen

Harley Davidson Stroker ballpoint pen

Why, in producing a pen to reflect such an iconic bike, does it mean that they have to put an agricultural quality refill in it?  Please don’t misunderstand.  The ballpoint refill is of an acceptable standard – if you are prepared to accept a product which hasn’t improved significantly since its launch in the late 1940s.    There’s always a balance between the service life of an oil-based ink found in a ballpoint and a liquid ink rollerball and, to be fair, it’s taken a while to develop a rollerball which can work in an uncapped, retractable pen, but there are plenty around. 

Your options are a basic G2/Parker type refill – tried, tested, cheap and blobby.  The Parker Gel refill as a direct replacement – same price as the ballpoint, writing length unknown. The Schmidt Superbowl is a rollerball refill which is a direct substitute for ballpoint refill and offers a line writing length of 600 metres.  But the best option is the the Schmidt Easyflow 9000 M.  This is another direct substitute for the G2 refill but offers a unique ink system offering the smoothness of the rollerball but, at 2800 metres,  a writing length close to a conventional ballpoint

 At we are offering a free, a Schmidt Easyflow refill with each Harley Davidson Vintage Rider and Stroker ballpoint pens offering performance more in keeping with the Harley Davidson legend.


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