Snakes for fountain pens?

October 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

When is a snake not a snake?  When it’s a fountain pen, of course!   At PenFountain we’re always sensitive to our environment and what better way to demonstrate our commitment to reducing global warming than using a fountain pen!  However, the new Cross Torero has just landed with its embossed leather barrel decoration glowingly  identified as ‘real leather’.  The ‘Braided Black’ we had no qualms about.  Braids are plentiful with braid farms springing up all over the place.  However, alarm bells rang with the description of  ‘Desert Diamondback’ and ‘real leather’.  Jumping onto Google we found that Western or Desert Diamondback rattle snakes, while not under threat, are still not as plentiful as braids and while they are sort of naturally pen shaped, they really don’t deserve immortality wrapped round a fountain pen – however good the pen may be.

Cross Torero Desert Diamondback fountain pen

Cross Torero Desert Diamondback fountain pen

The pattern is similar to the snake but to our relief, the diamonds appear to be larger on the real thing.  The fine emobossed print of farmed, split cowhide looks pretty effective and conservationists can buy with a clear conscience. The pen itself offers an enjoyable writing experience with its high quality chromed steel nib which, in keeping with other Cross medium nibs,  is a fairly fine 0.5mm line width.  The pen features a brass barrel core, chrome plated and over-laid with printed leather decoration.  The overall pen weighs-in at 42 grams with the split being 24 grams for the pen and a heavy 18 grams for the cap which tends to influence the overall balance of the pen when posted.  The colour coded leather button is an attractive design feature which separates the Torero from other pens in the Cross range.  As always, our recommendation is to try before you buy at in Cranleigh, Surrey


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