Parker Premier – in the hands of the mad scientist?

November 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

To be honest, the Parker Premier is a pen that failed to come onto our radar until recently.  However, we now have stocks and can say that it is a very desirable pen.  Designed by Italian, Beatrice Fontana, whose credits include designing for Calvin Klein and Versace, the Premier is right on trend for fashionable, contemporary pen users.  In our opinion, the Premier has the potential to become a classic design, following in the tracks of the legendary Duofold.  At the core of the Premier is a brass barrel finished in a range of different surface coatings putting this beautiful pen in a different league to its competitors, many of which are produced from acrylic resin.

Put this potent concept into the hands of a mad professor and you come up with the Premier Special Edition Black.  Silky, smooth black.  Black barrel.  Black trim and even black 18 carat gold nib.  The method is to give the components a plating with something that sounds almost like the fictional unobtainium from Avatar. With different degrees of cover, the pen takes on the coolest ‘persona’ of any new pen we have seen in sometime.  

The Parker Premier Black Special Edition The Parker Premier Black Special Edition

The Parker Premier Special Edition Black fountain and rollerball pens are actually plated using ruthenium, a member of the platinum group of metals that, like rhodium, is present in rare ores found in the  mining of platinum. The Black Special Edition is handmade using more than 30 assembly operations with the components hand-polished, tested and checked both during assembly and at final finishing stages.  It is a fairly weighty 44 grams including cap, but feels very comfortable with its engineered balance, particularly with the cap posted.   The silk-black finish of the ruthenium plating gives an unusual feel offering better grip than a polished, plated finish, but comparable to a resin pen with the feel of a true metal barrel.  The 18 carat gold nib is substantial in presence but, the medium tip writes presenting a surprisingly diminutive 0.5mm line with the smoothness anticipated from a pen with such presence.   We have been advised that fine and broad nibs will become available for this pen in the near future.

If anyone is interested, I want one for Christmas!



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