Help is at hand for Valentine letter writers

January 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

For romantics wanting to make a statement on Valentines Day, believes it can help.  The gift of a hand-written declaration of affection, or just a thinly veiled request for a night of hot passion, as seems to be the approach of many of the greetings cards currently available, is far better expressed in traditional pen and ink.

Pens, like lovers, come in all shapes and sizes and are very personal.  The subliminal message conveyed by the pen before even being picked-up may be worth considering.  For example, ladies may consider the giving of a well-chosen writing instrument as means of indicating a wish to receive letters of love and undying affection from their beau.  The pen may be a full-bodied and masculine fountain pen with a passionate red finish, along the lines of the Cross Apogee Titian Red and of course, a corresponding flame red ink.  While if the love is unrequited, having lost their man to another, lesser soul, perhaps the ink may be offered in green – or is it blue, while the pen could be of hard chrome finish like the Cross Matt Chrome ATX

Cross Apogee Titian Red fountain pen & rollerball

While for the chaps, the ladies may be delighted with something light and feminine.  It may be in a style suggesting something with just a hint of subtle naughtiness about it.  The Caran d’Ache Ecridor Eclat!  A ballpoint pen with a brilliant sparkle from the Swarovski®”   crystals embedded in its silver plated barrel springs to mind – perhaps,  just a hint of the intensity of things to come you hope! 

The colour of the ink used for many fountain pen users is something of personal statement.  We are sure there is a full scientific explanation as the choice of colour.  As described, the colour maybe a reflection of the writer’s intention or mood at the time of writing.  Whilst the use of perfumed ink is also a possibility.  These suggest a degree of intimacy requiring the recipient to hold the note so close to their body in order to be able to detect the scent, so delicately applied? 

 Whatever your choice for your Valentine, be sure that the handwritten note by fountain pen is on its way back.  The mistakes and misspellings add to the character of the love letter and even the occasional dribble of saliva water-marking your notepaper, anticipating the impact of your prose may add something to its charm – but I wouldn’t guarantee that last bit.


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