More Exceptional Exception nib information

February 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

As per my previous blog, the Waterman Exception fountain pen remains a shining example of radical and yet stylish design.  The Exception comes in 2 model sizes, the standard or slim version which is extremely elegant without being over-large. 

Waterman Exception Night & Day Waterman Exception Night & Day

The new information relates to the delightful 18ct gold nib which is available in a range of sizes and styles.  Previously, we have been advised that Waterman require the pen to be returned to the factory for fitting and alignment.  However, I found the requirement to return the pen to the factory for ‘alignment’ a little unconvincing.   Today, we received a customer’s Exception s back from Waterman and, wishing to confirm the fitted nib size, we could find no obvious indication on the nib or feed.  Speaking with our contacts at Waterman about the lack of info, even they had to make further enquiries!  It has emerged that the reason for the retrun to the factory is not jus for alignment but that each nib size has a dedicate feed.  The size of the nib/feed  is identified by a very small digit right at the base of the feed with a 3 being medium and a 4 being fine.  This is suggests that the Exception is even more exceptional than we realised.


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