Agnes B and the new Waterman Hemisphere

February 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

In addition to her couture and cosmetics ranges, French fashion designer, Agnes B has also designed for Seiko and L’Oreal, and is a patron to the French film industry.  With the re-launch of Waterman’s Hemisphere, the company commissioned Agnes to produce a special edition fountain pen and ballpoint pen.  Featuring the sweeping lines of a point d’ironie, a humorous punctuation mark created by 19th century poet Alcanter de Brahm,  produced on a deep black lacquered barrel with complementary blue roundels. The cap and trim offset the black of the barrel with the brightness of their chrome plating. This is a beautiful, ‘special edition’ for the new Waterman Hemisphere pen range. 

Waterman's Agnes B Special Edition Hemisphere

Although the Agnes B uses the new Hemisphere pen as its base, the writing experience has changed from the tried and tested Hemisphere models of the past. It is a millimetre narrower than its predecessor with the revised profile of the barrel, grip, cap and clip emphasising the narrower dimension.  The fountain pen is a couple of millimetres longer, giving the pen the visual appearance of  something a little more sleek.  The actual nib is identical to the earlier pen but the grip and central chrome plated band mean that the nibs are not interchangeable and, because of the revised profile of the grip, the writing experience of the new model is noticeably different.

Waterman Hemisphere comparison

The Agnes B Hemisphere, although no production numbers have been released, we believe that there will only be a limited quantity which, combined with the pen’s premium price, may make this delightful pen a collectors’ piece.  Perhaps a little disappointing is the lack of finer materials being used such as, rhodium plated gold nib and trim. 

At our shop, in Cranleigh, we were first shown pictures of Agnes b last year and fell in love straight away.  Having seen them ‘in the flesh’ the pictures did them no justice!


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