Leather Luggage and the Fountain Pen

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

What’s leather luggage doing with a company called PenFountain.com?  Well, we love our fountain pens but, along with pens, we just love the finer things of life.  This includes cars, culinary skills (and eating!), walking (to counter the previous interest) and good quality leather goods.  For some time we offered the Quindici range of leather business luggage.  What could be a finer home for your pen than a beautiful leather briefcase?

Excepting the briefcase, the one major bugbear of business travel is how to carry a suit or dress without it turning into a second-hand dishcloth.  You’re running late for the business dinner. Check-in. Hotel room. Pull suit out and….. Well, it’s just not stylish with so many wrinkles.  What’s worse is that the alternative was the old suit bag in the closet.  It weighed far too much and you needed to have arms like a gorilla to hold it high enough to prevent it sweeping the hotel foyer floor.    

Quindici Leather Garment Bag - Leather Luggage at its best

Quindici Leather Garment Bag

Enter the stylish Quindici Tri-Fold garment bag.  This was the first piece of the Quindici range to catch our eye at a trade show.  With its nappa leather, it is just so soft, stylish and still practical.  Big enough for 3 suits and pockets enough for an overnighter and when its closed, the dimensions are right for carrying like and an ordinary suitcase. We then looked at the rest of the range and decided that these were a ‘must have’. 

The Quindici Leather Tri-Fold garment bag is probably the best investment you can make for a regular traveller.  The Quindici leather briefcases and holdalls are also worth a look!


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