Black as a Pilot’s hat

June 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

We’ve just got the new Pilot Capless matt black fountain pen in stock.  As soon as it came in I thought I’d better photograph it and get it on the website – this one’s going to be popular!  The format is well-known and well received.  Just click the end and out pops the 18ct gold nib, ready for action.  To the uninitiated the Capless is quite a revelation – a fountain pen that is practical for everyday use.  In that,  I mean, not sitting down and writing a missive under controlled circumstances but just picking it up, sign a document, then put it down.  It’s the sort of thing that doctors need to do all day.

Back to this sexy little number.  I set it up in the photo light diffuser box and click.  Pull the image up on-screen and – it’s so black, so matt, and absorbs so much light that it has become a blob – all the detail is lost, literally a vanishing point!  So much for a quick pic.  The finish is exceptional in its quality with end-pieces in corresponding matt black.  In fact, the only interruption to the mattness is the relief of the gloss black, double ridged band around the centre of the barrel.  Click the end-button and the small, rhodium over-plated, 18 carat gold nib is revealed in all of its contrast to the black but ready for writing.

Pilot Capless fountain pen in Matt Black

Pilot Capless fountain pen in Matt Black

The design is as has been available for a number of years and maintains the clip/nib layout which can be awkward, particularly for users with smaller hands.  However, the nib is an exceptionally smooth and reliable unit available in fine, medium and broad options.  Filling is by proprietary cartridge or converter, both of which are supplied.

If you want a statement fountain pen that is right on fashion message, the Matt Black Capless fountain pen is a stunning model to put in your shopping cart.


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