Is White the New Black?

June 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

In contrast to the ubiquitous black pen, Waterman have recently released a series of white editions of their existing pen ranges.  The Expert Deluxe notionally described as ivory, has been on the market in white with its chisel-patterned, chrome plated cap since the middle of last year.   This has now been joined by  the Carene Contemporary series, now available from stock, which features a deep gloss white lacquer over a brass barrel with gunmetal trim and cap.  The gunmetal finish is based on a silver plating but with subtle black overtones creating quite an impact by introducing just a hint of contrast.  The nib is the tried and tested Carene 18ct gold unit with rhodium over-plating and available in a range of widths and styles (details available on the PenFountain Nib Comparison Chart).  However, the colour of then nib, while sympathetic, does not quite correspond with the gunmetal.

The Waterman Hemisphere 10 series is also available in white with conventional chrome trim, if you have a requirement for something a little more petite.  The excellent writing experience for each of these pens has been well documented on other websites and blogs.

Waterman Carene Contemporary White Fountain Pen

Waterman Carene Contemporary White Fountain Pen

These pens look impressive with their clean crisp colours and contemporary styling and, while the lacquer used on Waterman pens is very durable, in the course of day-to-day use, the barrel may pick-up minute scratches that will not be readily visible on a black or darker coloured pen but, on such a bright white, may be slightly more visible.  We would suggest that a pen case may be a worthwhile consideration as an accessory.


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