Pure Black Magic

July 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Porsche Design pens have a reputation for the quality of their design and engineering.  With their creative use of materials, processes and finishes, they are, effectively, in a league of their own.  The new Porsche Design P3105 is further proof of this unique position with its immediate impact created by sheer presence.  This is an understated, ‘statement pen’.  Not garish, perhaps not even as ostentatious as its stable-mate TecFlex series pens.

Porsche Design Pure Black fountain pen with paperweight

Porsche Design Pure Black fountain pen with paperweight

The P3105 is an imposing, all-metal pen finished entirely in a silky black finish which creates the very slightest hint of a highlight along the length of it barrel and cap. Removing the screw cap provides the first indication of the engineering quality.  This is smooth. The grip is finished with a slightly rubberised finish but the eye is immediately drawn the substantial, 18 ct gold, rhodium finished, stepped nib.  The Porsche Design brand is embossed into the lustrous rhodium and once inked, writes as well as the pen’s presence would suggest.

Filling for the Porsche Design P3105 is by either cartridge or converter and is  accessed by unscrewing the slightly fluted end-cap to the barrel to reveal a cartridge cage, similar to the Pelikan Ductus assembly.  Whilst untried, the converter filling appears to be by removing the converter from the pen and filling it independently before re-locating it back into its cage assembly.  This strikes me as being a potentially messy operation and could end in tears!

Porsche Design Pure Black 18ct Gold nib
Porsche Design Pure Black 18ct Gold nib

Taking a step back, this pen is right on the money for creating an impression, particularly if you have the car to back it up.  It is 14mm in diameter and weighs-in at a very substantial  62 grams but, like its TecFlex family members, the weight is beautifully balanced. The Pure Black is also accompanied by a matching Pure Black Porsche 911 shaped paperweight.  However, if you like the concept but are looking for something a little lighter, the Pelikan Ductus is almost identical and at a lower price.

At PenFountain.com, we believe that we are one of the few dealers to actually have one of these sort-after pens in stock at present.


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