Love pens – hate computers but have to live with them?

August 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

We love our fountain pens but, let’s be real, we need the computer in business life for producing letters, spreadsheets and the general bumf of commerce.  To help things along and keep costs down, at we have started selling JetTec printer cartridges online.  Much is made of the unreliability of compatible cartridges but in our opinion, it’s like everything in life, ‘you pays your money and takes your choice’.  There are cheaper compatibles and remanufactured cartridges on the market but they’re not much use if they don’t work. Or worse, stop working shortly after installation, usually in the middle of an important document and usually late into the evening!

The JetTec ranges are products that we have offered on the retail side in our Cranleigh shop for a number of years and have great confidence in their reliability with the Company making much of their 100% Guarantee claim.  However, it’s not guarantees that you want, it’s the knowledge that you won’t need a guarantee to fall-back on – because it will work.

In our opinion, a stronger statement of success comes from the Queen’s Award for Innovation bestowed on the Company in 2004 for re-designing the Extra Life cartridge range for Epson and Canon printers.  The re-designing of the two brands works on two levels, creating a differentiator for the JetTec products and avoiding conflict with the notoriously litigious OEMs.  The redesign is such that JetTec have their own patents for their cartridges.  The remanufactured inkjet and laser cartridges are produced using equally advanced, state of the art cleaning, re-progamming, and refilling processes.

Canon inkjet printers - not affected by JetTec: Affected by loose screws!

Canon inkjet printers - not affected by JetTec: Affected by loose screws!

At we have been using JetTec cartridges in our Canon iX4000 inkjet printer since it was new.  The only problem experienced with the printer was when, unknown to us, a machine screw fell off a shelf above the printer into the paper feed hopper and was pulled into the printer.  A bit of deft work with the snipe-nosed pliers pulled it out without detriment to the print quality!

Next time you have a requirement to write a business letter, don’t be too ashamed of using your printer instead of your beloved fountain pen!

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